War Part 15 by C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity

satans trinity ch martel

satans trinity ch martel

By C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity

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The Quraiza attempted to resist the Muslims but surrendered after a siege of a couple of weeks. Muhammad separated the women and children from the men. The Muslims determined if a male child was a man or boy by examining his pubic hair. If the youngster had not yet started growing his pubic hair he was classified as a child to be sold into slavery. If the child had started to grow hair he was determined to be an adult and was set aside to be slaughtered. This method of categorizing male human beings remains in place today within the system of Islam. Muhammad had the captives dig a pit in the central market place and then Muhammad had himself prepared a shaded chair where he could watch the proceedings. Muhammad spent the afternoon watching the male Quraiza being led to the pit in groups of twos and threes where they were beheaded. Between 600 and 900 were executed in this manner. Their bodies and heads were thrown into the pit. After the afternoon’s entertainment was over Muhammad called for the young wife of the slain chief of the Quraiza and he took her to his tent and raped her repeatedly throughout the night. (It is believed by Muslims that Muhammad had the sexual potency of 40 men.)

After eliminating the Quraiza, Muhammad consolidated his forces and moved on to Mecca. Mecca surrendered to his demands without a fight. With the capture and submission of Arabia’s two largest towns Muhammad continued mopping up the other tribes of the Peninsula until his death in 632 A.D. All of this consolidation was conducted within the isolated and remote Arabian Peninsula and went unnoticed by the outside world.

CH Martel is an expert on the commonalities of Hitler, Stalin and Muhammad.  From the life and death of Hitler, to the life and Death of Muhammad with respect to Joseph Stalin, Satan’s Trinity is a compelling, interesting and historically relevant book that can be purchased at http://www.satanstrinity.com.  To reach the author for questions, information and interviews, please contact CH Martel at satanstrinity@gmail.com.



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