Love in Islam by C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity


satans trinity ch martel

satans trinity ch martel

By C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity


            In the Koran there are 49 references to “love”.  This is how it breaks out:

  • 25 references of how Allah does not love infidels
  • 14 negative references to love, i.e., do not love money, etc
  • 3 versus order humanity to love Allah
  • 2 of how Allah loves a believer
  • 3 about loving a relative or other Muslims
  • 1 requires Muslims to give for the love of Allah
  • 1 give what you love to charity (charity may only be given to other Muslims)

So much for love in “The Religion of Peace” as posted in the Koran.

On the other hand there are over 300 references to Allah in association with fear.

There are 146 mentions of hell.  Only nine of these are for moral failings such as greed or devotion to status while 137 references are eternal damnation for those who disagree with Muhammad.

Apparently this “not disagreeing with Muhammad” is fairly effective with Muslim males as Muhammad said he visited hell one day and reckons it is mostly filled with women.

            In Islam, Satan differs than the Western concept of the devil, for instance; the United States is considered “The Great Satan”.  This is because Islam considers Lucifer’s only evil is that he persuades Muslims to leave the faith. In other words, the U. S. constitution, free elections, Bill of Rights, etc. along with pop culture threaten Islam’s control over the believers.

CH Martel is an expert on the commonalities of Hitler, Stalin and Muhammad.  From the life and death of Hitler, to the life and Death of Muhammad with respect to Joseph Stalin, Satan’s Trinity is a compelling, interesting and historically relevant book that can be purchased at  To reach the author for questions, information and interviews, please contact CH Martel at







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