PEACE: Stalin Part 4 of 8 by C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity


satans trinity ch martel

satans trinity ch martel

By C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity


            Stalin also differed greatly from Hitler and Muhammad with his use of surrogates in launching aggressive warfare. His solitary attempt at initiating war himself was the Winter War with Finland in 1939. He, of course, fought for his very survival in WWII but that was when he was attacked by Hitler. Stalin was the consummate bully and only attacked when he believed he was in complete control.

            Peace was also tolerable for Stalin because his ideology was transportable and allowed for a continual stealth warfare campaign anywhere in the world the Communists chose to operate. The Communists called this tactic “burrowing from within,” a tactic that Muslims have adapted in their continual warfare against the infidels. As many as 329 Democrats, who were secret Communists, operated as double agents within the Roosevelt and Truman administrations.  Long after Stalin died, other latent Communists and “fellow travelers” were instrumental in the so-called Viet Nam “war protests”, a war Stalin initiated in 1946. Only the childish believed these were actually “protests” as, obviously, one cannot “protest” from only one side of a conflict.

            Finally, Stalin was to be the instigator of numerous wars by proxy, such as, Korea and Viet Nam that minimized his personal risk while alleviating any pain from “excessive peace syndrome”.

CH Martel is an expert on the commonalities of Hitler, Stalin and Muhammad.  From the life and death of Hitler, to the life and Death of Muhammad with respect to Joseph Stalin, Satan’s Trinity is a compelling, interesting and historically relevant book that can be purchased at  To reach the author for questions, information and interviews, please contact CH Martel at




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