PEACE: Muhammad Part 7 of 8 by C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity


satans trinity ch martel

satans trinity ch martel

By C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity


After Muhammad had moved to Medina he invented his religion’s founding myth involving Abraham and Ishmael mythically traveling to Mecca and building the Kaaba (square house).  Prior to establishing this story Muhammad had his followers face towards Jerusalem when praying but after inventing the story he had his people turn around and face Mecca when praying. This was important to the burghers of Mecca as their commercial interest with the annual pilgrimage was now secure.

            Peace was, and remains, a weapon for Muhammad.  Hitler and Stalin also manipulated peace for their own agendas but only Muhammad was to turn the misuse of peace into an edict from Allah. Established by the Koran, “taqiyyah,” is a bizarre oxymoron meaning ’Holy deception” that permits and encourages a Mohammedan to lie, cheat and deceive an Infidel so as to further Islam’s cause. Take a second to think about this concept of “holy deception.” How is this possible? What other bone fide religion also has such a “value”? Not only is this insulting idea established in the Koran but it is furthermore reiterated in the revered writings of the hadditha where we find “Verily we smile for some people, while our hearts curse those same people.” Presumably many of the 1.6 billion Muslims do not practice “taqiyyah” and they will treat you with honesty and respect but how can you know if this is so? You can’t. If the person to whom you are listening is a practicing Muslim and he or she says they are against radical jihad and terrorism you simply cannot believe this person because their religion instructs them to participate in jihad and to practice “holy deception.” In the Koran we find Sura 48:29, “Muhammad is God’s Apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to unbelievers but merciful to one another”.

            It should be noted, keeping “taqiyyah” (pronounced tack-ear) in mind, in the injunction mentioned above, the phrase, “but merciful to one another”. Perhaps the reader is aware when a Muslim mentions Muhammad’s name that he will follow this mention with a glowing phrase, such as, “and Muhammad, the compassionate, the merciful, blah blah.” When the Muslim speaks in such a way what he really means is that Muhammad was “compassionate and merciful” to Muslims………not to the unbelievers. This code is understood by other Muslims, but not by Infidels, when listening to another Muslim speak. Islam is never at peace.

CH Martel is an expert on the commonalities of Hitler, Stalin and Muhammad.  From the life and death of Hitler, to the life and Death of Muhammad with respect to Joseph Stalin, Satan’s Trinity is a compelling, interesting and historically relevant book that can be purchased at  To reach the author for questions, information and interviews, please contact CH Martel at



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