Sex with Hitler, Stalin & Muhammad Part 9 of 12 by C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity


satans trinity ch martel

satans trinity ch martel

By C “H” Martel, Satan’s Trinity


The first person Muhammad “married” after the death of Khadijah was a six year old girl, Aisha. The girl’s father, a follower of Muhammad, was shocked by this development so Muhammad went off and had a conversation with Archangel Gabriel. Muhammad returned to the father and confirmed that Gabriel had said that Allah wanted Muhammad to have the girl. The father was still stupefied by the whole thing and managed to elicit from Muhammad that he wouldn’t “consummate the marriage” until the girl was nine. Perhaps when Muslims refer to the Prophet as “the merciful, the compassionate” this is what they are referring to as Muhammad did agree not to rape the girl until she was nine years old. However, during the three year waiting period Muhammad sexually abused the little girl by practicing what is known as “thighing.” This is when the male closes the female’s legs and inserts his phallus in between her thighs while imitating the movements of copulation.

            Another woman (at least she was a woman) Muhammad “married” was the wife of his stepson. According to the Koran, one day Muhammad was hanging around and he caught site of his stepson’s wife in her “around the house” garb which exposed some elbows and similar body parts. This was apparently too much for Muhammad so he went off behind a bush and had a talk with Gabriel and, bingo, once again Gabriel said that Allah wanted his Prophet to have this woman. Muhammad then lied to his son-in-law by saying he really didn’t want to take his wife but Allah made him do it. He then took his step-son’s wife into his tent and raped her.

            Muhammad’s book, The Koran, is specific when it asserts that women are fields to be tilled and that is pretty much the way things stand today in the 21st Century.

CH Martel is an expert on the commonalities of Hitler, Stalin and Muhammad.  From the life and death of Hitler, to the life and Death of Muhammad with respect to Joseph Stalin, Satan’s Trinity is a compelling, interesting and historically relevant book that can be purchased at  To reach the author for questions, information and interviews, please contact CH Martel at




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